Monday, October 19

Yala National Park, a roadtrip in Sri Lanka

Last time I came to Sri Lanka I had no idea what was waiting for me. Is it dangerous there? Getting around? Certain uncertainty about the whole place. Turns out that I was worried without a reason. The place was great and this time even better when you have someone who takes care of you. Kapila picked my up on Saturday night from the airport and we drew 350 km south east toward Yala National Park. Arrived in the morning and went straight for the moring safari. Loads of animals roaming around. Snoozed now and then in the Jeep since there was about 24 hours with no sleep whatsoever.

We went back to the lovely lodge that had been booked for me. Took a few hours nap and then we were going back to the Safari field again. This time we saw a bit more animals. But no leaopards like the park is famous for. Just a sloth-bear which is kinda rare too. At least I have a reason to come back here later and look for leopards again.

3 am roadtrip, stopping for some coffee 
Arriving 5 am, sun is just about to get up 
Thanks Kapila for booking this place, was amazing 
Awesome secluded villa 
Time to go! 
This is why you should get up early every morning
Muu muu 
Enter Yala National Park 
The area is huge! Long road across the jungle 
The explorers 
 Visited our drivers house, all year around warm, no need for shut doors
 Hey dawg 
First spot! 

 The deer of deers! Massive antlers 
Water buffalo
Ex water buffalo 
Sloth bear, a rare sight
Get them berries 
Green bird with long nose...Oh I forgot what it was 
Many crocodiles floating in this pond  
Dumbo caught drinking 

Creepy red eye look on this ferret 

Just amazing this place 
 Amazing sky! No editing of colors has been dont to this image 
 There were 2 different layers of clouds. One thick and one thin. The sun made amazing color with mixing it 

When it was getting dark it was something. It's not many times I've seen the sky like this. Only in Australia before. 

Blood red sunset