Wednesday, October 21

Shanghai for 1 sleep

  I didn’t really have time to do much else than tons of paper work at office, go do a quick gym set work a bit more home. Finish the day off with a few hours of Witcher 3 and then it was bye bye Shanghai again. Coming home is like going to a drive-through in McDonalds. This year the 1-2 days home before leaving has become more of a routine than exception.  Order new clothes, pack the bag then leave again.

Sun rises at 6 am on the Middle Kingdom (usual reference to China 中国)
 You know your back in China when there is a sign like this in the gym...
 Although Shanghai is a metropolitan hyper modern city you also find a lot of buildings like this. Loads of small bike repair shops who usually do a pretty good job for a very cheap price. They also make keys to cars, houses or bikes in just a few minutes. this kinda service you can never find home...

Street food and all kinds of shops in every corner. Forget english here :) 
 It's great when you can tailor all your clothes, for really cheap too
 MMMMM, those chicken feet....
Good night Jing an, tomorrow a loooooong trip awaits to "down under" 

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