Sunday, October 25

Gorgeous Sydney

A place like no other, every-time coming down here it feels something of a different world. But it kinda is in terms of distances to anything. The nature is just something else. It's something with places really far south, the sunset it totally red and has this strange glow. Same thing in Sri Lanka the other week. Had some rain coming down one night and the rainbow from it was fantastic. Seldom see a 180 degree full bow over the horizon. And I just happen to be on the rooftop to catch it. When I was booking hotels there was some kinda mistake on the site because I got my room for less than half what it should have been. Pullman by Hyde Park is an amazing place! They have a pool on the roof & gym! Best place to get a glimpse of the skyline and Hyde Park. But I suggest you also stay a night or 2 by the harbour if it's the first visit to town to see the bridge & opera house. 

Another one of those red/yellow skies...and some rain 


Most days were sunny 
Whole Sydney skyline 
Probably the most famous dog in Sydney...Who talks! It's located just outside the Queen Victoria House...Kinda like the dog in Tokyo in Shibuya although that one does not talk. 
Some old colonial style shopping & coffee at the Queen Victoria Building 
Xmas comes early this year 
  Top floor 
Some people watching 
Coffee is my life 
Really put down a lot of work for this watch 
Spirals...that seemed to lead nowhere 
There are just so many awesome motorbikes in this city. Have to do a roadtrip later
 St. Andrews cathedral is worth checking next to Town Hall 

 Heard "The Martian" was good so went to see it. Cinema was pretty empty. Costs 25 dollars to see a movie here...I IMAX it's 35. Better choose a good movie so it's worth it! 
 Still remember this place for about 2 years ago, was pretty broke then so just had to go with cheap food. Nevertheless, this Mexican place is awesome AND cheap! 

 Had a meeting all the way out in Warriewood. It's about 40 km outside downtown. Took a walk around the area and happy I did so :) Gigantic kebab and beaches! 

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