Tuesday, October 20

Beautiful Colombo!

Took us half a day to reach back to Colombo with the traffic. Was still a nice drive to admire the almost untouched nature here! Better come here before it gets too touristy, still very few. Most of them are Chinese since China is pumping a lot of money into different kind of infrastructure projects here. Like the controvrsial harbour. After China has build it they can use it for 99 years, it's still unclear to whom the profits will go that the harbour generates. Also read in the news today that the Chinese Navy "might" visit Sri Lanka. Good relationship there but India are shitting their pants for it.

Deep blue sea 
 Untouched beaches, stopped to move our legs a bit 

 My favourite tree, wherever there are palm trees, there is heat!

 Coffee break at this gorgeous spot 

 Temple on the island 
 People watching 

 Again one red evening incoming 
 King of the road 
 Colombo is so beautiful during sunset...And daytime too 
INFERNO! Nothing has been edited in these pictures 

I love this picture!! 
 This is the "controversial port" China is building. It's also gonna have a big impact on the environment and maritime life 
 Police getting some evening smokes 
 There is one main road that goes just next to the sea and you can always expect traffic here 

 Stayed at one of the local Cinnamon hotels, was ok but a but old and worn down. They had 16! restaurants with different kind of food. What an easy choice. Decided to go to hotels own buffee. Had pretty much everything for 10 euros only! 
 Hotel was huge 
 Went to take a look at the seafood restaurant. Looked great there too
 For the sweet tooth 
 Looks like I got some sun during the safari...Thanks for everything Kapila 

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