Thursday, October 8

Langkawi - Eagle Island

Decided to fly out from Brunei, 2 days is enough to see and experience pretty much everything. Nothing much there! Go walk around downtown, see the mangroves and spot some crocodiles and your set.

We flew to Langkawi via KL with the notorious Malaysia Airlines. Everything was great but they were not able to just check us in to the final destination. Had to do that at the transfer counter. Wonder why...Apart from a 40 minute wait while transferring everything was smooth. New planes, loads of movies, big screens. Plenty of legroom. Better than Finnair!

If you ever go to Langkawi stay at Andamans Resort. It's beyond amazing...Not to mention the SPA. From all the hotels and SPA:s I've been to during my life this is by far number one!

Some pictures from the road trip. Bucketlist check for driving around whole Langkawi Island now. Sucks with the smoggy fog that comes from the forest fires in Indonesia. 

Hello lonely coconut 
A crab family 
Reflection at eagle square
Eagle square...The build a 12 meter high eagle and this is like a WOW attraction here. I guess every city has their own little thing 

Found a random Hindi temple by the road, was full of goats when arriving :) 

Again, more hazy beaches...and a black sand beach too 

Hey hey we're the monkeys! 

Hating forest fires 
Living in the jungle is cool! So green and fresh (apart from the smog) 

Strech little guy! 
Haha, hope you like lizards 
Our private little beach at Andamans 
Loads of crabs! 
Tiny baby crabs and huge ones 

Next time I'll make sure there is no haze here, will be such a perfect spot! The food, service, venue and SPA is more than perfect. 

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