Friday, October 2

Back in Bangkok!!

That was a looooong flight, just flew almost half the world around from Iceland to Thailand. Nice to get back to the tropics as Mikko put it.

A whole weeks Dental expo coming up, it's only held once a year. People from all the world will be there so check out some of our ProDentis.

I got the oldest crappiest airplane Finnair probalby has. The screens were patheticly small, they even has ash trays in the chairs still! Must be from the 80ties because smoking has been banned LONG ago. When the front seat folds down the chair it's impossible to do anything. Cant even have my tiny laptop all the way open. Seriously Finnair wth? Even Ankor air with it's tiny planes or Vietnam planes somewhere in the country side has never planes than this! And the place is totally full! Time to change, never flying the Helsinki - Bangkok route with Finnair before there is a new plane. 
You call this a screen? My gameboy was bigger! 
Please smoke here 
View over Sukhumvit after finally arriving 24h later. 
 Took a walk along the river 
 Harry Potter graduated. And nice choice of shoes 
 Bottle choking 
 Dat gold! 
Sitting Buddha  
Not suspicious at all...
There were thousands of these fish! Wonder what was going on 

Just take a look at this video 

Thai boxing match. These guys might look small but fight like beasts! Thanks Da for fixing the tickets. Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeee

It all starts with stretching a short dance to the audience 

Pad Thai, the best 
 Welcome to FDI Bangkok

 ProDentis soft launch for the Thai market
 Extra 16gb in the form of a tooth
 So you don't have to walk to the skytrain
 Amazing 3D printing, fits flawlessly

 Talk about a perfect day...But it's rain season now. Mornings look like this and in the evening it pours down. EVERY day. 
 FRESH honey for your breakfast tea....or pancakes 
 They should get motorbike taxis in every city 
 Khaosan road! Where we don't ask for age and neither do they (even says in the bars WE DON'T CHECK ID)
Amazing rooftop dinner in the New World mall, just next to where the Erwan Shrine bombing happened a month ago 
 The shopping mall had some new Naruto promotions 

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