Friday, October 16

Getting Engaged

This year has indeed been something else! Life keeps giving and so did I. A ring. Now it’s official! Sebastian & Mona Nummelin-Sudo to be. Time to start planning a wedding for next year. Still a bit of a mystery where it will be held. You will know soon enough J

Mwah, happy together
bling bling

Took a 3 hour SPA at Andamans. Was the most amazing SPA I ever had! And the setup at this place is more than luxurious. I felt like a king during the whole stay here!! This place is a must if you come to Langkawi

SPA view from our Villa 
Bath was full of flowers, limes and other things to give the water some extra minerals 

Some more pictures Mona took from the roadtrip. Was a lot of fun driving around Langkawi. If you stop here and there can be done in 1 day if leaving early morning. Strongly recommend if you know how to drive :) 

Touch my coconut and your dead, DEAD I tells you. Var har jag hört dedär förr Hede?
Ok, fine the birds can have it 
Snacks on the go 
This little one went max 80km/h and by that time it sounded like the engine could explode at any moment 
Amazing food! 
Best massive prawns I had in my life. Sauce to die for 
Beach creatures 
Crab was making his little sand balls 
Hannibal the Cannibal Crab 
Andamanian mermaid found ≤3
 Was a lot of monkey business 
 Mom rocks 

 Monkey see, monkey do
 This guy came up to our balcony for some fruit 
 Not really sure which one was the monkey here 
 Throwback from Brunei Hede, and yes, we did get same shirts :D 
 Kuala Lumpur Airport had an awesome Starbucks! 

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