Wednesday, October 7

Brunei - Darusalam

Finally holiday! I haven't slept for more than about 4 hours a day in Bangkok. And the jetlag didn't really help. Chinese National day began the first day of October and lasts for a week. One of the longest public holidays in China.

Hede teamed up after Bangkok and it was time to go explore a bit more of Asia for us! Few years ago we did the first 2 trips in Beijing. Then Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao. Finally last year a week in Krabi diving, motorbike cruising and chilling on the white beach. This year we went to new places even further south. Initial plan was to stay a day in Kotakinabalu and 2 full days in Darusalam. Well, Malindo air had different plans for us. First of all, the plane 8:40 am was cancelled and we had to take one at 11:40. We were flying via KL and we could not check bags to the final destination? I asked if the bags would go to the final destination twice. They said it would be fixed in KL (ofc!). When we got to KL for transfer, they rushed us past security for the next flight. Just made it to boarding. The guy who took us to the gate again nodded when I asked "is the bag coming to our destination" he also nodded and said it's under control. Ok then, good. We got on the plane and waited 1.5 hours before we could take off. I got hungry on the plane and tried to order food, we hadn't had anything since breakfast and it was around 7 pm. The did not want to sell to me because I only had SEK, EUR & RMB. The only workable currency was Malay rings or USD on the plane. Creditcards were out of the questions. I lost my temper a bit with the staff and started ranting about having cancelled one flight already making us 10 hours late and not even offering a 4 euro meal for free for that. No, she could not. Only USD and Rings works here, sir. Well s### to you too. Instead she brought tons of biscuits on Hedes tray. THANK YOU ##*##, guess it's better than nothing. Well like that wasn't enough, guess if the bags came? Like hell they did. So here we were, wasted the whole day on waiting and without luggage. Checking in at hotel and then for some nice Malay street food for very late dinner. At least that was awesome.

Hotel was pretty nice in Kotakinabalu, stay here at Meridien! 

Yeah have some damn biscuits
Kota Kinabalu night market 
The menu of drinks had a Clash of Clans theme :D 
The little morning view we got of the place by light 

Next morning we got up at 6 am and continued to Brunei Darusalam with Royal Brunei airlines. Didn't get much sleep but it was time to explore this mystery country. I heard stuff about it, but I have never met anyone who had been here. There are some gigantic mosques, the museums and newspapers are just full of propaganda about the Sultan and thousands of people live on the water in houses that have the toilet stuff coming right out into the river. And, it's one of the richest countries in the world. Streets are deserted all day. Weird place! But if you want to experience something different, stop over here 2 days. Just check out these pictures.

First days walk, found this small Mosque

 Bananas growing here and there in the jungle 
Remember to hydrate on some coconut water
Nice name sign on this house 
 Google maps showed that the road leads to the city, we followed it but have to cross some random streets. Ended up in a small but cute cemetery 
 The Sultans Mosque, amazing reflection in the water without wind. Kind hot, blazing sun and 33 degrees. 

 Memorial for the Sultans, most was in Arabic or Malay so did not really understand what it was for

 3 for cars, one old falling apart and one that seems way too big for only pedestrians. Really? 
 Lot of the houses look like they could use some maintenance 
 Visitors not welcome 
 Found a fish market, all kinds of stuff here too. People here are VERY friendly, and they don't stare like other parts in Asia.

 Color grass
 Fire-station is the bomb! 
 Hours spent in sun: 4, sunscreen applied so far: none. Mission --- Get some tanning oil. It's BRIGHT
 Seriously this clock-tower...Different times in all directions. I would say one is towards Mecca but what are the other ones 
 Tiny street market, Venice of Asia...
 Care for some dried shrimp?
 Or Chilli?
 Or just packages of...hmm. In Philippines they pack rice like this 
 This was hilarious. Can you see what their doing? Their fishing from a sever!! I hope you have a great dinner guys, I'm gonna take a rain-check on that one 
 Took a boat ride around the city and mangroves 

Ride around 

Our designated driver for 3 days 
Went to the culture center, wasn't really anything there. A museum where you can buy stuff? And no pictures allowed either. 

Museum & shop at the same time 
Gigantic bridge project coming up 
 Deep in the jungle 

 Hey monkey get funky 
 Mom & Kid 
Night market dinner  

The fruit that is hated by all hotels because of it's smell. In many places you get fined for taking it to your hotel 
 2 hobos literally having street food 
 The sky that night became completely yellow at some parts and dark blue at others. Never seen anything like this before 
 This is a 180 degree view, behind us it was blue, in front yellow 
 Chilli shrimp & crab with some fried rice. No alcohol in the country so unfortunately no cold beers with this great meal 

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