Thursday, October 22

To the Down Under - Sydney

Really felt exhausted with a second night flight in a row...long hauls in economy are just soso much fun. Think I slept in the plane from Singapore to Sydney but did so feeling half unconscious and awake at the same time. Thanks Fred so picking me up from the airport in Sydney and letting me stay at your awesome penthouse for the weekend! My door is always open for you where ever in the world you might be. We went to a fitness expo where Fred was competing as former Sydney lifting champion! Beast push of 155 kg! The expo had all sort of cool fitness stuff and I even met Zyzz big brother! It was one of those "Bucket list" days...

Weather was perfect on the weekend so had to take some advantage of the incoming summer. Chilled at the beach and got well rested after VERY VERY long flights. You try Shanghai-Singapore-Colombo-Singapore-Shanghai-Singapore-Sydney in 3 days and you'll know what I mean. Oh jeah, and make them all night flights.

Sun setting over UNSW campus 
Crap airplane food after a 16 hour journey this gigantic set of amazing Japanese food was just the best treat 
We came 1 hours before everything started, good to be in time! 
 The some of the girls were lifting serious weights, some were doing more light
Go Dutch! 
Hak the Hammer 

 And then there was body building (natural) for both girls and guys 

Totally retarded look BUT at least I met Zyzz's brother :D I alwasy imagined he would have been taller than me but I was half a head more! 
 Nothing better than start a weekend morning with some fine breakfast and fresh coffee 
 Went to chill at Coogee beach for a while. Must come place every time. Spent my 30th birthday here and on the same day got this job I'm doing now. Time flies...Celebrate this 30 degree sunshine day with a Lord Nelson
The blue 
 Imagine what an amazing picture you could get from hanging from the ledge? 
 This arch give me a Big Fish feeling...There could be anything on the other side 
 This couple found THE spot to have a picnic at 
Gordon's Bay 
 Flowers for Ms. Green-finger 

 Why is it great to live next to the horse racing track? Well, you can just watch the race from own balcony. Run like the wind!! 

 Sydney skyline from our penthouse 

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