Saturday, November 22

Quick stop in Bangkok, again

Had a few hours stop-over in Bangkok. Some sun and thai food always welcome are cold and polluted Shanghai. The winters are worse than back home in Finland because there is no internal heating in the houses. If you don't keep your AC of heater on all day it's going to be as cold as outside...That one thing that is better with Beijing that they have heating. Then again this heating is causing massive pollutions there because more power comes from burning coal...

These toilets are always fun, who needs paper? 
 The clear blue skies :)
 This taxi driver was probably the oldest I have ever seen
 Abac Bangna University campus

 What better way to spend an afternoon when waiting for a transfer flight 8 hours....
 Motorbike cruising around Abac with Mikko
 Second guys face is a bit creepy, love the airport in Bangkok

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