Wednesday, November 19

Back in it's been some time

That month just flew by so fast, but it did feel quite strange to go home after such a long time on the road to all kinds of strange places. It's become cold too, when I left it was still possible to use shorts. Now, nope! Would get very chilli if you had shorts on now. Nights require a winter jacket while driving scooter. When landing at the airport in the evening it's always a bit of a gamble how long the taxi que will be...This time about 20-30 minutes, not too bad but when you really just want to get home and sleep it can feel a lot longer than that
 First night back home was amazing! Clear skies and just beautiful...But too bad it only lasted for about 2 days. Pollutions have been quite heavy on the city for a whole week already. Really wish China can be clean like home someday.

 A friend came to visit Shanghai so it was time to do some touring! I haven't been to any of the sightseeing places after moving here, was great to see them again after so many year. The Yu Garden was just TOO packed on a weekend
 Some Sichuan food, chili chili chili! 
 Those small bars on Yongkang Road, Revolution Bar is always packed 

 M on the Bund has a cool staircase, this is where all the dead bikes go
 Thanks Karo for the awesome Champagne brunch (again). Should stop eating and drinking this much every Sunday morning...

 The Pudong skyline! Since I came to Shanghai first time 2007 it has changed a lot. Almost half of these towers are new. The weather was a bit misty/polluted so the view was not the best. However, on this small piece of land there are SOOO many skyscrapers. Photo taken from Bund Nr.27, Roosevelt house rooftop 
Roosevelt house 2nd floor wine cellar
 Tianzi Fang, loads of small bars and shops. Nice to chillout 
 IAPM Mall, there are just so many malls in China. And most of them are empty of people...

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