Thursday, November 20

Happy Birthday James! Weekend in Ningbo

Again, time flies. I feel like I've been writing that on almost every blog post....Haven't seen you James since August in Shanghai. Instead of Shanghai back at your place to explore Ningbo! It does not feel THAT long ago since we lived together in Beijing, happy we randomly met in that small duplex in Zhongguancun little brother :) Time to get 1 year older!

Amazing view from the 43th floor
 Going uuuuup
 What to do on a saturday afternoon? Sit in a park and sing / play instruments. When about 100 people does it its quite noisyyy! とてもうるさいです
Some old temples in the park too 中山公园
 Apples new logo
 Laughed so hard when seeing this shirt...wonder if she had any idea what it said. There was more text on the sleeves and front but didn't manage to see it
 A beautiful sunset the night there was no pollution
 Happy Birthday James!!! 
 Why use fish in the aquarium when you can have sharks
 An actually pretty cool club called Nova, Dj Lady Shark was awesome
 Really no idea where they get these ideas

Laowaitan - It's like Beijings Sanlitun. Loads of small bars
 Those great ideas you get at 5.30 am on the way home from a bar....This is what we split on 3 people: 2 BigMac Meals large, 20 nuggets, 6 dubble cheese burgers and 2 extra large fries. Were we full? F*****
 Coming back to Shanghai around 9 pm, taxi line was at least 100 meters long. But there are plenty of cars so waiting if about 30 minutes

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