Monday, November 10

Namaste! New Delhi

Further up north the capital of Indian, Delhi. I just got my bag in time last night to be able to change to the clothes I needed. Seriously Air india your service suuuuucks! Hope your reading this...Arriving to Delhi at 4.30 am I was really surprised about the thick smog there was. It was like arriving at Beijing...Later I learned that it was just because of the Devali holiday people had been firing so much fireworks that the sky was thick enough to cut with a knife. How nice...So much different that any of the other cities in India...So, what did New Delhi had to offer?

Yuck the pollution here because of the Devali festival is horrible.  
 Thank you Arun for the nice home cooking and hospitality. It was nice to see a local home in Delhi :)
The Qutur Minar Mosque

 The Lotus temple
 Humayuns Tomb

Random people just sleeping in the park and selling random stuff
Gate of India
 Rickshaw ride anyone?
 The Red Fort and it's marketplace

Red Fort quarters
 After being stomach sick it wanted some "safe food" that had nothing to do with Indian food. It's best then to go to McDonalds. Since they don't eat beef here it's not called Big Mac but Chicken Maharaja. It tasted awful! Horrible curry patties....At least the nuggets and french fries were alright and the same as home
Ministry of Finance
  This guy was the weirdest attendant I have ever see. Kept twitching and staring at people
Goodbue India! It was quite a journey, only downs was the food poisoning and the late flights. Guess I'll see you in 2015 again. 

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