Tuesday, November 25

A painful flight to Bali from Lahore

It was a really interesting trip in Pakistan, the downside to the trip happened in the afternoon last day. I started feeling really weak and bad quite suddenly. Had to get to my room and rest. When I got to the room and crashed in bed I was already shivering from feeling so cold. Some sort of mild food poisoning. I slept a few hours shaking. Omg it's like India all over again, noooo. Luckily I got 4-5 hours of sleep and when I woke up I didn't feel that much feverish anymore. But packing the bag was like running half a marathon. Felt so damn weak. Thank you Asad for picking me up to the airport....Worse timing ever for a night flight with a long connection.

The Lahore airport was a story of it's own....First you need to show electronic ticket and passport to even get in. Then put your bag in a x-ray machine. Then you que for some time for this guy who starts asking you a bunch of questions of "where were you in Pakistan?" What is your line of work?" "Where are you from? (can't he read my passport daah?)" After all that, que for the check-in counter. 3 Pakistani men just stepped in from of me in the line....nice, real classy. I was too weak to even start a fight about it, could barely stand straight by this point. The woman in the counter was useless. I asked for window seat, didn't get it. I asked her to add the frequent flyer program, she didn't. Well, whatever, next stop. Immigration check, all fine and smooth! Then next stop a guy checkin passport, AGAIN. And then a security check AGAIN. Arrived at the gate about 1.5 hours after arriving at the airport. Only place where it took this long before was Israel when they looked through my whole bag inch by inch.

This was the only picture I was able to take during the whole day while sitting waiting for my plane. Yepp, that's how bad I was feeling. On the positive side, passport looks quite colourful now. 
Now a very painful 5h flight to Bangkok, wait there 3 hours and then another 5 painful hours flight to Bali. This is really the worse time to fly!!! I felt so incredibly shitty and weak during the flights. Think I slept some, half sweating with my large hoodie, half freezing coz of the fever. What a great night flight.

When I finally arrived at Bali the que at immigration was about 100 meters long. Took about 1 hour to stand in line. I did NOT feel well standing there. It felt like a dream come true when I entered my hotel room and crashed in bed....So much for that day. It's been a complete disaster

There is a looooooong line
Do not touch a dead human? Who would do that normally anyway?
Throw stuff on floor and crash, night! Haven't been this happy to see a bed in a while. 

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Shuò said...

Glad all turned out fine ... What doesn't kill you .... Makes you stronger :D