Thursday, November 27

Bali - Nusa Dua

Been to Bali once before but that was over 3 years ago already. Last time we only spent some time at Kuta & Ubud which wasn't actually super nice apart from rafting. This time I was much more south on the island in Nusa Dua. It's quite the change to come from Lahore here. Stomach feels alright again after the first nights sleep. But not very keen on foods with a lot of flavour now. Think I'll be ordering from the kids menu :D

Not being able to walk or do things is horrible. I really feel bad for those people who have a chronic or long term disease, must be terrible to not have a working body (like when I broke both my wrists 2006). Speedy recovery to everyone who isn't feeling super today!

Yepp, just woke up in paradise 
 Awesome light
Soon meeting all the people back home :) Happy 84th birthday Grandpa!!!!
 First time I ever had office shoes on a beach. Lunch break can be spent in many ways
 Haha! Try to outstare this dude
 Traditional Indonesian dance, the bad giant steals the beautiful princess but the white monkey kings saves her
 What is one of the most widespread infections? Helicobacter Pylori. High amounts of this in your stomach will cause an ulcer and if not treated right, cancer. Make sure you get enough of Probiotics to keep out the bad bacteria. Gastrus is a good remedy. 
 Smell my fingers, said the monkey king
Was taken out to a sunset place for dinner...loads of surfers here
 Chandelier in the the hotel that has been voted Top #3 in the whole world. Massive structure. Didn't get a good shot there because it was already dark outside 

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