Tuesday, November 18

Halloween and the lights are low in Bangkok

The feeling of leaving India was very awesome! And this place wasnt even late, however on this Air India they didn't upgrade me to first class like in the other two. 

Peter Pan wishes happy Halloween 
and the Hulks also sends their regards 
What better way to celebrate that you can eat again than having an awesome champagne brunch at Four Seasons! 

The king of Sheep
 This is what you can do after becoming famous, use what other people give you
 Que in a pile of mud, great that it was raining cats and dogs last night 
 It's November 1st and Bangkok is sunny and 29 degrees. Can't complain

 And done! A very hot 5km run in 30 degrees 
Signature Thailand to move around in Tuktuks
 And so it's time again to leave Bangkok, good day for leaving because it was POURING rain down

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