Wednesday, April 2

To Stockholm 3 months

Finally everything settled in a new city! Been waiting to start to work for so long and it finally happend :) First 2 days at the office have been great! The colleagues are great and job very interesting, so much new to learn. Only downside is that I've caught a bit of a cold. Loads of vitamins, probiotics and fruits and it seems to be helping. Went to take a short walk around the city. Live at Hotel Strindberg in Norrmalm for 6 days before moving down to Lund in the weekend. It doesn't matter how many times I walk around this city, it's as beautiful every time!

Strindbergs Hotel, build 1880! 

 Breakfast served here, retro style

 I guess the bike thief was in a bad mood...


 Some band was gonna sign records, probably 1000 fans in line

 Old town bridge

 City Hall

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