Saturday, April 19

Run between Lund - Lomma - Lund 24.4km

Lomma is where I grew up the fist 4 years of my life between 1984 - 1989. We lived in a big house on Blåbärsvägen, I only have limited memories of those days so I decided to go and check it out. Since I lived in Lund which is only 10 km from Lomma I decided to jog there after work. The weather was great and sun was shining, was perfect for running and pictures. The only down side was the strong wind. Went to meet our old neighbours that still live in the same house on the road, had to get some water there because I forgot to bring :D The 24.4 km run took in total 4 hours to finish, think it's the longest evening "jog" I have ever done. Lomma area is so beautiful! And empty....

Old Lund monastery 
City Park in Lund
 Our old house in Lomma! It's 26 years since we moved from here...
 Wind was so strong that I did not want to run by the open roads with cars passing me. Took a "shortcut" and used the path next to the traintracks
 Like a postcard, iPhone5S sure take good pictures
 Lomma & Lund
 Heavy winds without any cover in the fields
Amazing sunset in Lomma
Loads of wind-power here
Almost back in Lund again, last miles were heavy
One way between Lund - Lomma was 9.7 km but I didn't follow all of the map directions.  

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