Sunday, April 27

Oslo Downtown & a 30th birthday

My first time to Oslo ever, so much to here! The city is much like a smaller version of Stockholm. Much older and more stylish than Helsinki. Now it really makes sense that Finland is not "Scandinavia". The last week and a half I went to Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen & Helsinki. Helsinki is definitely the "youngest" of all these and it's very clear that we never had a king with royal palaces and such. Wonder if Russia ever had anything to do with this...? 

A traveling Circus, already 65 years old. You seldom see these anymore...Always make me think of Silent Hill 3! Awesome game
Nobel Peace Price center, if you won the Nobel price in Peace all your materials will end up here. And you get a nice pay-check of 8 million USD too. 
 River that runs through most of the city, loads of pretty restaurants and bars along it
 Found the "Berlin/Kristiania" area by random, it's called Ingens Gate (no-ones gate). It's a lot of students who have claimed it as their own "city" inside Oslo. Spray painting on the walls is legal here and area is cool. 

Miau miau! Meet the cats
 The opera house, also called the "sugar piece" 

You can walk on every spot of the building, it is made out of marbel and rocks

Coat check was very empty here
 Akerhus fortres, guards salute!

Norrlands guld
Kings Landing !
Akerhus Castle courtyard was obviously off duty
 Creepy troll at the tourist, guess you could scare you children by saying he will find you in the night if you don't buy anything....
 Downtown walking & shopping street
 Talk to the hand because the face aint listening? Probably yes in this case

 Castle in city center on a hill
 National Theater looked like a places you want to go see a play at

 The harbour when sun is setting from Akerhus
City Hall 
 Cool looking advertisement, you can only see it from 1 angle
 Mongolian BBQ, found it randomly, and with Norway's high prices it seemed cheap to have a meat buffet for about 20 Euros
 The view from the place we were living at. Thank you Joakim for the comfy sofa and pleasant stay! Rooftop is amazing! 
 Froger Park, loads of space to sit, make your BBQ, check out funky statues, jogg around or just lie down and chill down
Human tower
 Having a picnic under the trees
 I really wonder what this is suppose to represent
 Happy 30th birthday Ole! 
One of the cooler clubs by the river

 Found the same TV later in the night when walking home, wihiiiii

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