Tuesday, April 15

Malmö for the weekend!

How awesome is it that someone you spent a lot of time with in China also moved back to the same place as you at the same time?? Ted moved 3 days after me to Malmö. Lund is just 10 minute by train from it. Felt so strange that only about 2 months ago we had a beer @ Great Leap in Beijing and now we are eating a pizza together in Malmö. Stayed in a small crib just a few minutes from the center. The city center is amazing like Lund. But there are a lot of new and modern buildings mixed with the old ones. 

 There was a kinda disturbing picture in the bread section. I think I've seen this guy before but can't think of who it might be
 Some morning snacks

 Walk by the sea, quiet, empty, spring making everything green and sun is shining!

 Malmös tallest tower, the turning torso 
 The bridge to Denmark
 The modern and new part of the city
 Cool houseboats

 Funnily the blue building was a plastic surgery center
 50 floors + of spirals
 Kids have a nice skateboard park here

 University bridge by central station

 The big square

 The small square

 University orchestra collecting money by playing and selling CD:s

 Central Station

Smörrebröd, a typical Danish sandwich
 You probably play Candy Crush, it comes from here
 Pölse - Red sausage
 Maritime museum
 The old fish museum

 Malmö Castle

 Entry was free while they were renovating it
 The king used to live here while visiting Malmö. Pretty nice spaces he had

 Pictures of criminals that were locked up in the castle
 Museum - For what? I don't really get this one...
 Old mills 
 Spring is here!!
 King's park in Malmö
 SOOOOO looks like Big Fish! 
  No matter day or night, this city is just wow

Going to Kopenhagen! Herro Denmark

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