Tuesday, April 22

Roadtrip to Norway!

Haven's had a roadtrip for a long time in Scandinavia! Timing was perfect now with 4 days Eastern vacation. Some old friends from Beijing were having a 30th birthday in Oslo so it seemed like perfect timing on going there and getting free "housing". Driving from Stockholm to Oslo is just around 550 km, roads are good and speed limit by average 100 - 120 km/h. There are plenty of cool places to stop by and do some sightseeing. I looked for cars for a while and ended up with taking a Mercedes CDi220, runs so smooth! Only had to fill the gas once in 1200 km! Also did the mistake in filling gas in Sweden when it would have been 30% cheaper in Norway...Live and learn. 

Our first stop was Taxinge Castle
The guy living here had a nice lake view

A massive tree stump made into a childrens toy house, wonder if it's new or not...It's sure been a huge Oak once
 The Taxinge castle is made into a restaurant / conference space. Would be amazing to have a company party here. 

 Gripenholms Castle, just a few kilometers west of Taxinge castle

Castle gate was interesting, wonder if the cannonball weights had any practical use

 Hog cannons!
Wonder what all kind of people this door has seen
The inner courtyard
The cellars
Out for a swim? Wonder if they had saunas back in the day? :)

Beautiful view from the castle of the town
Small town by the castle, a lot like Lund but all the houses are wooden
Boats by the harbour 
Örebro, a small town between Stockholm & Oslo. It's very beautiful and a city in Sweden worth visiting! There is a huge castle in the middle of the city and everything looks like going back into future a few hundred years.

  Central Square, some yellow easter chickens had been added to the street :)

Örebro Castle
 Different milestones in Swedish & International history dating back to 1900
Perfect weather and lake so clear that the reflection was almost mirrorlike
Castle courtyard

 The national bank, they sure had nice offices
 Stopping for a short time to stretch legs just before crossing the border to Norway. A beautiful small lake to chill at and look at the sunset

Love this car

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