Monday, April 14

Lund for a while

It's been a very cool week in Lund! I grew up just a few kilometers from here but can't remember any of this. The town is so small and adorable! It feels like walking in medieval times almost. Could really film a movie here without even putting up some scenes! I love running around the small streets in the night. People here live a really quiet and peaceful life, it just feels so strange to live here after around 6 years in China now....I must say it's amazing here, could really get used to this kind of life.

Bye bye Stockholm for 2 weeks! 

 First class coach was nice! Free wifi and huge seats with free snacks included
 First meal in Lund, a gigantic kebab
 Outside the hotel
 First time in a LONG LONG time that I have a kitchen in my house when living in Europe
 Living room
The Dome

 University, what an amazing place to study at
 Found a viking stone
 Observatory, it's here I got a bit lost while you called me Henkka

 Vegetarian restaurant, looks very hippi-ish :)

 Iron maiden?
 Narrow street, no asphalt, old buildings...everywhere

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