Wednesday, April 23

Oslo Museums

The land of Vikings and villains! There are loads of cool museums and historical places to visit in the city. One of the most famous artists in the world Edward Much comes from Norway, his paining SCREAM sold for 12.000.000 USD a few years ago. That is the the single biggest amount in human history for a purchased art piece. Munch painted over 40.000 artworks with different themes during his life. Some are pretty landscapes when he was "stable" and others a bit most psychedelic when being depressed and drunk. Too bad the museum was undergoing renovations so there were only 10 paintings displayed.

Just 10 minute walk from core downtown
Jealousy - portraying himself green faced
 The human mountain, from the most psychedelic times in his life
 Artillery museum
 The artillery museum is located in the city center on Akerhus fort

 The Viking Museum, just  a short drive to the west part of time
 Around 3000 years old viking ship head
 Many of these ships in the museums were made for burial ceremonies. 

 The HL-Center, a memorial during the second world war holocaust when Norway sent over 12.000 jews to concentration camps, mainly Auschwitz. 
Reflect on the past, prisoners were burn branded with a number when entering Auschwitz 

Anti semitism history
The maritime museum, it was just closing when we arrived but there was still a great ocean view and other things around it
 180 degree view of the maritime museum
 First World War mine, watch out for these...
 Downtown in the horizon 
 For the fallen and lost in sea

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