Friday, April 18

Copenhagen & Kristiania

We took the train from Malmö to Copenhagen, it only takes 20 minutes to get over the massive bridge. Buying a return ticket is just below 200 SEK, the price is suppose to be reduced after the bridge have been "paid off". Guess that will take another decade though because it's a massive. Copenhagen is an amazingly beautiful city, full of people on bikes and loads of medieval houses. Last time I was here was in 2008 when me and Robert went to Roskilde. Totally forgot how great it looks here, you can really feel the strong presence of history and kings of old times when walking around. And hanging around Kristiania was great too. It's forbidden to take pictures in the area so there is not much material from the area.

Really modern and nice train station
Öresund bridge in the horizon
"Rather joints than guns" - Yeah it's Kristiania
Kristiania living, back to nature 

Copenhagen city center

 I used to live in one of the last houses to the left in 2008 when coming here for the Roskilde Music Festival
 Church of our Saviour, an unique church that is playing music everyday hour between 8.00 am and midnight :) You can also see the whole city from the top. 

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