Wednesday, March 26

Back home in Finland

Well that was some trip ! Now I'm just gonna sit back, play Xbox and relax for a week before the new job begins in Stockholm 1.4. Will in in charge of Asia in a medical company. First 3 months will be in Stockholm + Lund and then off to Shanghai. Already gave in my documents to fix my new working visa :) 

Wanted to take a nostalgia bicycle trip and see how everything looks around the area I grew up. To be honest, it feels like i never even left...Everything is intact, like a well preserved museum.

 Snow melted, spring is coming! 
Our neighbours house has looked like this since 1993, I don't think they will finish the house... 
Southern Espoo 

 Swimming in the winter is popular here, tried it twice, make a hole in the ice and jump in after sauna!

 I guess it's just a matter of weeks now until the boats are put into the sea

 My old middle school, still the same
 Grew up here
 When we were kids this mountain used to be covered with ice and we used to slide down, felt so much bigger back then

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