Sunday, April 6

Stockholm downtown & Hallwylska Museum

Been feeling a bit sick so weekdays after work was mostly spent at the hotel. On saturday I went out for a walk because the weather was just terrific and wasn't that cold either. My dad recommended the Wyllisk museum, so be it! It's an resident of formerly the richest family in Sweden. They really had everything there and the house is extremely modern to 1889! There is central heating, warm water and loads of things you cannot even find in China or a lot of other places up to this DAY! They were really pioneers in design, home technology and knew how to live with style and comfort these people!


 A bed shop, they did a number on the entrance 

 GB Glace was gicing out free ice cream in downtown :) New Magnum, yum

Biblioteksgatan, where you can find all exclusive shops 
 Hallwylska Museum courtyard

 Collection of all kinds of shells, travel stuff and whatnot
 Dining room, which always had live music 4 times a day

 The family dates back to that's a family tree

 Grand piano made with apple tree exterior
 The girl in the family liked to colled everything, even had a very extensive armoury 

 Master bedroom, don't think I'd fit the bed though, people were quite short back then
 And a marble bathroom, was probably one of the only in the world in those days
 Over 40 rooms...
 The collection of pottery from China and Japan was amazingly huge!

 And a huge room of....hats
 This is the kind of pool room you should have a guys night in!!!
 Chill out room, walls covered with persian carpet art
 National theather
 And fruit market, all the sellers were Turkish of somekind, guess they run the vegetables now :)
 My hotel courtyard, will be great in the summer to sit outside here and have breakfast
Doesn't get any better than this...

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