Saturday, February 1

Chilling & Movies

For the past few days it's just been chilling in the sun and going to the movies. The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug, A Chance of Meatballs 2, Her, I Frankenstein and The Wolf of Wallstreet. The cinemas are never packed with people here, on each movie there has been max 5 others in the cinema! So different from a normal Friday or Saturday night at Tennispalatsi Helsinki. Or not to mention China where it's always packed....There are 2 cinema chains that show new movies: Harkins & AMC. Harkins tickets are a few bucks cheaper than AMC, the only difference I noticed was that in AMC you can lift the armrest like in an airplane for more space or if you wanna cuddle...The cinemas here were nowhere near as big as the ones in Helsinki though, and here I thought everything in US was big! Oh jeah and last year a Chinese guy bough the whole AMC chain...

Mall parking lot, going to see HER

 Buy your tickets from the machines or from cashier. By the way, there are almost no places that ask for your credit-card PIN number, just swipe and go! Would be so easy to abuse cards here, they didn't even check my ID when I bought something for 300 USD the other day...Fraud. 
 And then this...they had what Marilyn Manson would have quoted as "Mechanical Animals" in the mall. For 5 dollars you can take the animal for a ride around the mall, funniest thing was I only saw adult Asian people riding them, haha. This would be a hit in Japan!! I remember riding one in Taiwan somewhere in a temple on a mountain just outside Taipei a few years ago. Need to check if I could find the video and upload it...

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