Monday, February 10

Goodbye beautiful USA, back to Europe

The last 2 months have been the best long vacation in my life. The reason why I didn't travel to USA earlier was that it's far away and i wanted to stay there a longer time. Well, now was the perfect time to spend a longer time there.

Bye bye Akito you silly dog, my scars are healed from your Xmas trick now. Don't bite me next time ok?

  • Chicago was an amazing and bustling city with amazing architecture and every street was like from a movie. 
  • Florida was always sunny and warm, Universal Studios & Disney World will be memories to remember forever, specially Hogwarts village & castle. 
  • Party and nightlife in Las Vegas is unlike anything elsewhere, you really have to experience and see it! 
  • California as the pillar for movies and starts in Hollywood! White Wonderland for new year was the best new year I so far had. Having Dash Berlin & ATB playing when the New Years countdown clock hits 2014 with the closest person around! San Diego offered the chance to go onboard a real air craft carrier USS Midway. 
  • Utah with the most amazing sceneries and national parks that will take your breath away!
  • Arizona with an everlasting summer and countless of places to hike, AND the home of Grand Canyon! And the food! 

Here are some "best of USA" pics, I already miss it by looking at them...

In-N-Out Arizona, my first night
 Hogwarts - Florida
 The "Bean" - Chicago
 Bryce Canyon - Utah
 Luxor - Las Vegas
 Dash Berlin @ White Wonderland - California

Now I'm flying back to Europe with Berlin as final destination. The flight from Phoenix - Chicago was 1.5 hours late so that made me have to run all the way from terminal 3 to 5 in Chicago. I was the last person to board the SAS plane but to my positive surprise the plane was almost empty! I got 4 seats for myself to sleep as much as I wanted. And they had meatballs for dinner! I hadn't had time to eat anything the whole morning/noon so they gave me 2 sets. Flush it down with a bottle of red wine and then it was time to sleep 6 hours. When arriving in Stockholm I was in an even worse hurry, I landed the same time as the boarding started. Got passed the passport check & security check in 7 minutes by shouting in Swedish to the personel "my gate closes in 10 minutes!" and barely made it to the plane. The whole plane stayed waiting for my luggage when I told the staff and then it was off to Berlin! Thank you SAS! Awesome service and food ! I really had doubts about making it while waiting in Phoenix...

Leaving Phoenix
Empty plane going to via Sweden...
 The best place on earth :)
 The reason why the flight was delayed, Chicago was again under heavy snow
 Does a Swedish dinner get any better than this?? Ages since I had meatballs
Sitting down at Starbuck in Berlins Tegel airport after a 26 hour journey...over 2 years since I've been in Berlin! The reason for coming to Berlin is for a job interview, a company invited me to come over and talk about their new office in Shanghai they need someone to run...

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