Wednesday, February 26

Day cruise to Estonia

It's kinda been a tradition to go to Estonia while being in Finland. Eckerö had an offer for 17 euro only per person for a day cruise. Tallinn is such a beautiful city! Food, drinks are great and cheap too!

Champagne brunch! 

 Shop for some drinks :) 

 Old town gate

Cool light formation on the church

Wall guard post 

 Loads of pigeons in the tower, we were the only people visiting...


 Streets of old town are beautiful
 Central square

Olde Hansa Guild, an old castle made into a restaurant
Toilet was something else and super cool
 Honey, cinnamon & herb beer brewed in the castle

 Good enough to feed a king!

 Another castle restaurant, Peppersack. The meals are huge and they also brew their own beer

 The western gate

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