Tuesday, February 11

Berlin - Europe's most awesome capital !!!

Every time I come here I fall in love with it. The history, the architecture, the food, the vibes and birth of techno music! Berlin is by far the coolest city in Europe! Here now for 5 days to complete some job interviews, got a good chance to walk around this lovely city and catch some moments, eat some kebab and rewind history!

Holocaust memorial
Brandeburg Tor
The Zoo
Potsdamer Platz
 Alexander Platz
 Berlin is a "swamp", when building something they install temporary pipes to remove the water and distribute it along the city
 Mount Mitte
 Faceless hug
 Nikolai Church
 Strolling around Muller road
The Bear-liners
 Deutcher Dom
 A wishing well...
 The Berlin Wall
Newly made Berlin Wall memorial, wasn't here 2 years ago when I visited
 Potsdamer Platz - DB Schenker. Probalby one of Germanys most awesome companies 
 Kreuzberg graffiti

 Good ol' TV Tower
 Went to see Salvador Dali's exhibition

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