Wednesday, February 19

Live on Radio Vega

Had my first live broadcast on Radio Vega today morning at their studio. The interview was done in Swedish and on a few occasions I forgot the Swedish words and could only think of the english ones. But in general the whole thing went well. I used Google translate to translate what they wrote about me after the show. 

If you travel abroad and want to show off their country and still have something to look at later , then it's a good idea to apply for the second season of the series My new country on Yle Five . Thinks Sebastian Nummelin , who has good memories from being with in the first season.

Now Sebastian Nummelin had their time in the spotlight , it's time to step aside and let new talent to be in the series My new country , where young Finns living abroad may tell you about the places they inhabit. A new season is under construction , and best production company looking for people who may be having .

In the first season was Nummelin had the most experience of living abroad , he went to China as an exchange student from Arcada already in 2007 , and the fired up the appetite .

- I thought that I wanted to return to China, so I took a one way ticket and went there to see what happens. I began to study Chinese and then began work there in 2008.

He is still on the road abroad. It's also easy to get homesick when you live a long time in another country . Mostly missing parents, relatives and friends, but then Nummelin usually spend summers and Christmas time in Finland. But he is not the same person who left Finland, he learned a lot about himself.

- Of course I have of changed a bit when I went there , I was perhaps a little naive . Everything usually works smooth in Finland, but in other countries it is not to say that everything is going as planned .

Get shooting days , long intervals between recordings

Nummelin joined the program my new country by chance, when a friend in Shanghai had heard about the program and told about it. Nummelin liked the idea to be with and submitted an application without fully knowing what production would entail. Then they began in touch with the production company who came to China to film, and apparently they were pleased with what they saw as Nummelin finally was one of those who took part in the series.

Production is then made in different parts of the world and at different times, it can go several months between the different recordings.

- First filmed it one day at home with family or friends or both. Since it takes a few months before they come to one's own country. It is with about five days , but planning takes longer because you'll get all the people to have time to be in the program.

Sebastian tells and about situations when you should record a speak , which can take a surprisingly long time .

- There was an intermediate peak at 45 seconds, but it took two hours to record it , he laughs.

Now it should therefore be a new season of the series, and there are good reasons to be with.

- If you want to tell viewers about the place where you live and see something new, then you should enroll. Then you have of course also something to look at later - how many people can say " I have my own TV series " ? !

My new country

Before the second season of the program my new country seeking man now young people aged 20-25 who are heading abroad during the spring and summer or already living abroad. The programs will be strapped into the summer and appears on Yle Five spring 2015.

Those who want to set up as a correspondent in season two of my new country, please contact Joakim Haldin at the address .

The program my new country is the usual Finland Swedish young people living abroad who work as correspondents in their new homeland. The idea is that viewers via correspondents will see different pieces of their new country and also get to know the correspondent himself. Each episode is a half hour long and in each section you can see elements from all the countries in the program .

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