Thursday, February 20

Helsinki downtown

Wow it's great to be home although the weather sucks!! It's been between 0 and 2 degrees, constantly misty and occasionally raining...ugh. Now I really remember why I hated the winters here. Downtown is beautiful though! What you want to see is Kauppatori where they have fresh fish, fruits, bakery etc everyday. There are loads of restaurants and places to shop for souvenirs around here. You can also take a boat to the Zoo or Suomenlinna from here. Around the corner from Kauppatori you can see the huge square where Alexander the second Russian Tsar stands looking over the city, behind him biggest church in Helsinki, Tuomion kirkko. If you head a bit south to Punavuori/Ullanlinna there are a lot of design shops and small coffee places to visit. In the center the massive S:t Johannes cathedral which is open to all between 10 - 17 on normal days. We also went to Sanomatalo to have lunch, try some "chinese" food. Thanks Lasgo for the finding this place in Sanomatalo! 

Havis Amanda
Ravintola Teatteri
 The mist was really thick, could not see more than 50 meters, the sea is totally gone
 Saint Johannes cathedral
 Souvenir shop with this....freaky mascot
 Elevators in Sanomatalo
 Sibelius monument in Töölö

"Chinese food", when someone finds this in China, let me know! Coz I haven't seen anything even close to it the last 6 years! Red Apple @ Sanomatalo, lunch buffe 10 euros.
2 friends for the last 23 years already! Time flies! 

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