Thursday, February 6

Super bowl - Seattle Seagulls vs. Denver Broncos

NFL Super bowl is like Finland vs. Sweden in a final hockey match, EVERYONE watches it. It's the season finale and battle for championship. It's the first time I'm watching American football and I had no idea it was this big a deal. Also, the final is ALWAYS played on Sundays. It's a time for family and friends to glue themself to the TV and have a huge BBQ, snack nd beer feast. Which is awesome! We went to a friends place for food and beer to see who would be the new champions. 

The game was kinda slow and Denver lost what you could say in ice hockey 10 - 0. Seattle Seagulls are this years champions, was fun and food was amazing, thanks Emily!

Found my kind of beer....
 Burgers & hotdogs coming up! 
 It's not a party without a cooler full of beer & ice
 Time to get food
 Cheese sauce with the nachos was sooooo good
 yum yum

 If you haven't watched the new serie called RICK & MORTY, do it! This dog kinda looks like Snuffles

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