Friday, February 14

Stockholm - Kingdom of North Europe

It's almost exactly 1 year since I was in Stockholm last time...That time it was for a job interview, this time again it's for an interview but different company. Last time the job didn't really work out as planned and that made me waste about 5 months of my life on nothing. Any who, now with a comeback to Sweden and try something different. The company I'm interviewing for got me Business Class tickets between Berlin-Stockholm-Helsinki. Awesome!! To celebrate a good week in Germany I started the morning with loads of coffee, good German beer & wine. Later on the Lufthansa lounge retweeted on on Twitter which I thought was kinda funny...

Some high end breakfast....
The retweet
View from the Kings bridge 
Sergelska torget, core downtown
Gamla stan, I can never get enough of the beauty of this place. Stockholm old town area is one of the most beautiful city areas I have even been to

Stortorget - The big marketplace. The bloodbath of Stockholm was carried out here by the Danes in 1570 and around 100 officials were executed here.

The Nobel museum is also by Stortorget, did a blog about it around a year ago
St. Göran in old town, the sign of victory
Saint Clara church

The Nordic Museum, massive 100 meter hallway!

Harbour offers both new and old ships, many of them restaurants & bars
This boat had a funny poster in the window, wonder if it keeps thieves away?

The German church
The Vasa museum, I actually came there because I thought I could get on the old ship. We used to come here with the family every time we visited Stockholm as a kid. Back then there was an announcement that SOON the ship could be visited. That's like 20 years ago and still no! Huge disappointment! 
Outside of the Royal Palace
And business lounge again when going back home to Helsinki. HOME!! Drink + food buffe

When I bought some stuff in Tax Free @ Stockholm they put on the receipt that I'm a Russian female, how did that happen??

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