Saturday, February 8

Schnepf Farm, last day in Arizona!

Not far from downtown you can visit Schnepf Farm to buy all kinds of organic things and have a "gool ol'" farm experience. I guess this is one of those places kids would love. Great food, pies, animals, a small roller coster and cherry blossom by season. 

There is Power in this street!

Bye bye, miss American pie
Bucket-list check: have real American pie
Don't take life too seriously
Some of the organic stuff
Peashooter range for kids
In the hey! Take a ride on the tractor around the farm
And even more creepy
Wild wild west
Cherry blossom, was no match to Tokyos Sakura! 

Mini roller coaster
Would have become a corn-vict but it wasn't corn season
Goats and stuff
I don't think I'll ever mature...hahaha
Ye ol' shack
Straight from Steven Kings Christine!!!

Happy late Halloween
Haven't seen one of these air commercials in ages!!

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