Friday, January 31

Happy Chinese New Year!

Last year at this time I was on the other side of the world in Melbourne, would not have guessed being in USA this year. But now I am and it's equally nice and warm here, no beaches in Arizona though. But no matter where you are, there are always Chinese people celebrating the Chinese new year by eating dumplings at midnight, setting of some fireworks and watching the famous new years gala from Beijing. We made some dumplings with different fillings but no fireworks...Now it's the year of the horse, best of luck to all of those who were born as a horse :)

The Ahwatukee neighbourhood
 Going to Fry's to pick up all groceries for the dumplings

 Almost all cars are huge and have engines of a minimum 3.0 liters here, they are using up SO much gas in USA....
 A small blue-cheese beef batty burger snack before eating the dumplings at midnight....
Time to start making dumpligs

 Vegetarian filling

 The dumplings I made looked kinda lazy and deformed

 Ready in hundreds !

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