Tuesday, December 31

That was 2013, White Wonderland

Wow, one year seems like a very short time but I would dare to say it has so far been the best year of my life. Small setbacks like "unemployment" but nothing is perfect right? Thanks to all the people who helped me and supported me this year with various things!!

Jussi: For giving me a roof over my heads for months after I moved out of my old company apartment
Pappa & Mamma: For always being there and fixing everything for me and for the amazing trip we did earlier this year to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia!!
Bro: For Being awesome diving company in Thailand and also for borrowing you Ninja motorbike
Linda: For a home, help with work, introducing me to so many great people, showing me USA, made me laugh whenever joy was far away and for always being there! Love ya!
Jerry: The best night of my life (seriously!!) @ Gongti with Hardwell and Dash Berlin backstage and in front of the crowd!!!
Hede: Being the best friend one can have and best X-box buddy as well!
Mathias: Who let me into the whole Siku business which then lead to a lot of party promotions and events in Beijing!
Mikko: for brining my stuff from Finland to China and being my driver in Helsinki!

What did I do this year then? After February 28th I have not have any proper employment and have sorta been floating around the world. At least my TV Serie "Mitt Nya Land" aired in March! Did not get very much feedback about it but I guess it was because I didn't live in Finland. I'm now in California writing this while waiting for White Wonderland to begin at 19.00! This is the 4th continent I'm visiting already, been around Europe, Asia and Australia. I heard from a lot of people that "Your living the dream" but being broke and having no steady income isn't exactly a dream always. Anyway, tonight will be amazing an more pictures will be added! Also haven't had time to post Las Vegas pictures where I spent the Christmas this year.
Places visited this year: China (here and there), Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, USA, Australia, Bahamas, Laos

Wish my family and close friends all had an amazing new year and that 2014 will be even better. It better be, I'm turning 30 !!!

Just because this night was the best of my life , a re-run of the pictures. Stefan, I really would have wanted you to be here too!!
 3 hardworking ravers, psycho smile 

Oh jeah, last but not least, Mom & Dad, you are the best parents anyone can ever ask for!!!! 
Hugs and kisses!! 

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Hede said...

Happy New Year Seba and Linda! May 2014 be even better than the last!

Looking forwad to our next adventure (whatever it may be =p).

ps. tack för att du orkar hålla bloggen igång så att man vet var du far.