Saturday, December 21

Kennedy Space Center - Florida

A lot of history was made here! The first rocket that was sent around the moon, the first people who walked on the moon and countless of other space shuttles were sent from NASA's Kennedey Space Center! There was a lot of visual material, rocket simulator, moon rocks, original parts from different Apollo shuttles, old and new equipment, how it is to live in space and.....Angry Birds Park!! Haha, I was so surpliced when seeing it! Finland hasn't been able to ever go to space but we have a big part in the space center :D If you are interested in space, rockets, sci-fi and history, this place is a MUST visit in Florida! Tickets were 50 Dollars each.

Kennedy Space Cetner is on an island, there are loads of endangered animals on it and plenty of alligators in the swamps, saw a few 

 Carrying rockets that was used for the Atlantis Shuttle
 Interactive video of a space launch, almost felt like you were part of it

 Atlantis, has done 26 trips back and forth to space before

 Dead Space
 All nations that are party of the international space station
 NASA's different rockets throughout time, looks like a yard full of nukes
 Worlds first 7 astronauts 
 And....Angry Birds!
 Shoot your bird to space
 Worlds biggest USA flag, more than a whole football field, this building is 1 floor and as 34 normal floors, it's where the rockets are stored before liftoff 
 Shuttle liftoff tower
 THE room where the first shuttle was ever fired from, one of the most used quotes ever was first said here to a very nervous ground crew "Houston, we have a problem"

 One of the Apollo rockets
 This has been to the moon 1972!
 Ever seen a moon stone before??

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