Saturday, December 28

Nassau - Bahamas

After 2 days on the sea we arrive at Nassau and dock here for 2 days. The ship was suppose to stay 1 day at Cococay (an island part of the Bahamas group) but because of strong winds it could not so we just went straight for Nassau. Nassau has been an important trade port and there have been Dutch, British, American, French and Spanish colonist here the last 400 years. After slave trade was abolished in 1807 by the British they resettled in Bahamas. I didn't need to show any passport when arriving or leaving the islands, anybody from the boat could just come to Bahamas and it is not registered anywhere. We took a stroll around the downtown area and sat by the beach enjoying some slushies from Fat Tuesday, yum!

 First street seller trying to sell us HUGE conches for very high price, in the evening when there were no other tourist prices went down to 5 dollars (still didn't buy)
 Busy Port
 This Christmas was warm again
 190 Octane! 

 Fat Tuesday by the beach

 Many of the buildings are unfinished or abandoned

 Fort Charlotte, used as a gunpowder storage 200 years ago

People taking driving license, learning how to park, haha what??
 One of the old manors
 Empty streets
 Xmas tree Bahamas style

 Looks inviting...

 Walking street but we came a bit too late for anything to be open
 Pirates :)
 Old British church 
 Pay-phones! Haven't seen these in a long time! 

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