Sunday, December 8

Cold War Bunker Party Vol. 1!

Wow, one of the most amazing nights of my life! Our own event came to life with as much as 500 people in total! And we only printed 350 tickets for the whole thing and marketed it 8 days in total. There were loads of people texting me the last day for tickets but we were completely SOLD OUT for the whole night. The place did not fit more than about 250 people at once MAX but luckily people came different times. Was working the bar and didn't have a moment to rest for the whole time between 23 - 05. Barely had time to drink 1 beer and after 5 am I had time to go to the toilet for the first time. Feedback was great too, everyone who came said it was amazing and when is the next bunker party??

The Bunker party is located just next to the Lama temple, it was used as a bunker during the cold war, later it has been a cellar for a prison where god knows what has happened. It is also connected to Beijing's tunnel network that leads all the way to the forbidden city if you would open it up! How cool is that? This was definitely one unique party! Also, since it was my first party, I came up with a new party organising company called RELOADED EVENTS. Me an Linda are now the CO-Founders / CEO's of it. Stay tuned for more unique and special parties coming up by us !

Some pictures a few day BEFORE the party, was a lot to clean and decorate

Loads of random stuff we found to decorate the place with
Old prison rooms made into hotel rooms, it's like a small version of the prison I went to in Melbourne

 Facepaint by Faceslap! 

 Safety measurements were taken :)

 Thank Fred for saving me in the bar!
 Thank you Max for the awesome job as a bouncer
 Thank GOA Productions for rigging up the sound system and renting it to us
 Thank you Vedett for the beer sponsoring
 Bar menu, everything was between 15 - 40 rmb
 DJ Mike Hotten
 Grab your glowing glasses and lights!
 Party like it's 1996
 Love our cameraguy
 Dj Danny & EL-Mar
 Kari & James came all the way from Shanghai to see the party :)

 Bar is officially OPEN!
 Black lights...ON!
 We hung random stuff on the walls 
 Loooooads of people!

 Around 5 am it already looked horrible, took me MANY hours to clean everything, next time I'm hiring someone for it, should have thought about that earlier, it's so cheap to buy labor here in China
 Last guest at 6 am, party people!
 Thank you Cheers for sponsoring the Sparkling Wine!

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