Wednesday, December 25

Disney World - Florida

Another MUST thing to visit in Florida is Disney World! I been to Disney Land in Hong Kong a few years ago but the one in Florida is much larger. The parking lot if huge, left our rental car in the massive park and then there was a monorail that picked us up just next to the parking lot. Everything went really smooth and buying the tickets didn't take more than top 10 minutes. Quite expensive to come here, almost 100 dollars. It's a great place to come to if you have family or just wanna live up to the nostalgic Disney stuff from your youth! The coolest ride was definitely the Starport which is a awesome roller coaster in the dark. There are some comedy shows, loads of stores to buy Disney merchandise, shows, Disney characters walking around etc etc. It's is really a "city of dreams" like they advertise it.   

Rented a Chevy Impala at Florida Airport
 Entrance gate, city of dreams ahead
 Entrance tickets with fingerprint lock for each visitor, can't fool these
 Sunshine, blue skies and an amazing vies
 The main street
 Tomorrowland - Futuristic machines and space stuff

 The only picture I was able to get before the ride in the dark started
 ques were between 10 - 30 minutes to most rides
 Some Monster Inc. stand up comedy show
 A chance to see all the Presidents of US
 Cruising down the Mississippi
 A whole turkey leg for 10 bucks
 Looking to get soaked? Plenty of river rides
 Splash splash
 One of the best movies, Pirates Of The Caribbean
 When night comes, the lights were amazing

 Disney Castle by night

 Main street, the even had snow machines here (it was about 25 degrees the whole day)
 Time to close up the theme park at 19.00, city of dreams left a smile on everyones face

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