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Chicago - Where Worlds First Skyscraper Was Build

Chicago was an amazing and modern city mixed with old styled buildings and skyscrapers. Back in the days Chicago was the "print city of USA". Almost all printing was done here, some of the old printing factories have been made into resident houses and so was the hotel I stayed in.

The “great fire” 1871 burned down most of the city, the city government had architects from all over the world come in and design a new look for the city. This is the time when worlds FIRST skyscraper was born here, it still stands and is called MANHATTAN. Unlike modern buildings that have their weight on pillars in the main core of the building this first skyscraper was build with massive steel walls to keep it up. Obviously it works but the use of materials isn’t very efficient compared to todays technology. The Monadock building is preserved to full extent and when stepping in it feels like you go back in time to old Chicago, really worth visiting if you are here!

I spent 4 days in Chicago and what you will see are pictures from the following places: Museum of history, Museum on Science & Industry, Millennium Park, China Town, Hancock Observatory, Navy Docks, Giordanos Pizza, Architect tour around the city, random walking around, Chicago Public Library and Christmas market. Everyone who is into good food, architecture, museums and history should come to this city! One of the coolest western cities I have so far been to. But it's COLD! It's been windy and at least -10 all the time.   

Getting through the customs took a while, I was asked so many questions why I am here traveling, they thought I would stay in USA working.
The Monadock building, one of the oldest in the city
Worlds first skyscraper
The building has been kept like this for 150 years
The first European who came to Chicago back in the days (French missionary)
Chicago Public library, there is a garden upstairs. One of the most amazing libraries I have been in

 Love this street! And new archers coming out January! 
 Chinatown, had a great Dim Sum lunch, and price was pretty same as Hong Kong
 Fat Lee hahaha

 Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

 U-505 submarine captured from Germany by USA outside the Canary Islands back in 1942. There is also a movie done about it (Watch ENIGMA trailer here!). It's amazing how they got it in here! The guide said the roof was build after the sub had been put into the vault. This is really something you must see when in Chicago!
 Send the torpedos

 A tornado simulator
 The Needs of Man is to do science 
 Gene manipulated chickens born in the museum
 Chicago Trade Center
New meets old by Millennium Park
Millennium Park offers modern art like “The Bean” made of mirror material that looks really cool when you see the skyline reflecting in it.

The "Bean"

Ice skating in -12 and windy weather, why?

Schoolbus, it's not only in the movies!

Day time, yellow triangle building looks 2D, but it's actually a political prison
The Flamingo
Add a coin, take out your newspaper. A scene from dozens of movies
German X-Mas market, yummy food!
This office building looked just like the one in Ghost in the Shell 1! 
Doves roasting themselves :D Or just keeping warm
City center by State Street. This dude was collecting money
Stuff every movie has, stairs for exiting while there is a fire
The Trump Tower by riverwalk
Some of the older buildings by Madison Ave
Chicago History Museum, the great fire 1871

Navy Pier

Traditional Chicago Pizza : Deep dish pizza, never had this much cheese on my pizza before, could only finish 3 slices...

Night time
Spiral parking
 Chicago has a few famous landmarks; the Willis Tower was world’s tallest building back in 1970s and is about 100 floors. The John Hancock tower is also over 100 floors and the view from observatory deck was awesome!

Even some skyscrapers look small from here

Now there are ice bears and penguins at X-mas?

Some history about building
Beautiful sunset

Area for graffiti artists to paint freely

Actual size snow globe
Navy Pier by night

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