Thursday, December 26

Universal Studios - Hogwarts!

If your into movies then Universal Studios Florida is a place you MUST come and see at least once in your life! After NASA and Disney we went to Universal Studios theme park mainly because they build a Hogsmeade town here!! Harry Potter books are some of the best I ever read, it's the kind of books that you either love of feel too bored to read an never finish the book. In addition to Hogsmeade they also have a Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park and many many other things connected with famous movies. This was the best theme park I ever been to! Don't go to Disney World, come here and get a great deal out of your 96 dollar ticket!! I'm so coming back, maybe go again next week in Los Angeles :)
 Poseidons Fury
 Jurassic Park

 Look alike dinosaur eggs
 The Hulk roller coaster (was amazing and only had a 5 minute waiting line!) & Dr Doom twin towers
 Splash splash! Loads of water rafting

 This one is for DAD!

 used to play Little Nemo so much on good old Nintendo 8-bit
 And my second favourite part, super heroes!  Have always loved Marvel comics
 The BEST superhero - Spiderman

 Dr Octopus 
 Welcome to the land of Harry Potter! Hogsmeade will take good care of you!
 How about some Butterbeer??
tasted like milk, soda, chocolate and something else sweet all mixed together with a lot of white foam
 Christmas carols by the frogs
 Hogwarts castle, amazing 3D ride inside and castle tour!

Hogsmeade was very busy on a Saturday afternoon
 When evening falls, Hogsmeade looks very different and beautiful!

funny chimneys
 Need a magic wand? Come to Ollivanders shop!

 Suddenly Hogwarts looks like the real thing!! Where are all the flying dementors??

 The roof of a snack shop, some serious work was done when building this village
 Take the express from platform 9 and three quarters! 
 Goodbye Hogsmeade, until next time 
 1001 night Arabia
 Poseidons Fury by night
 Marvel Superhero Island by night
 Main shopping street
 The Hulk rollercoaster
 Indiana Jones airplane

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