Wednesday, January 1

The Hoover Dam

Going to Las Vegas for Christmas! Between Arizona and Vegas it's about 300 miles and takes 4 hours or so to drive. The freeways in USA are really good! Speed limit is 75 miles an hour but almost everyone does 80-90 on them. On the way to Las Vegas we stopped by at an old landmark: The Hoover Dam. Build 1935 and was once the biggest dam in the world back in the days. James Bond goldeneye was also filmed here when he zip lines down the dam, quite a drop! Too bad I was bitten by a dog yesterday and got 2 stiches so once arriving to Vegas there will be no partying, just sightseeing and good food! Antibiotics for a week and then good to go again, total amount of stiches so far: 25! And 24 of them are around the right hand wrist.

Hoover Damn connects Nevada & Arizona, when passing the bridge to Nevada you win 1 hour
Quite a long que to come in, no entrance fee but the inspect some of the cars 

Newly build bridge to cross the dam
Zip line down here? Yes please! 

Lake Mead where the water is preserved

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