Sunday, December 29

Atlantis Bahamas

Probably one of the worlds biggest resort/aquariums there is! Atlantis offers a massive water-park, sharks and other sea animals. Building Atlantis took over 2 years and cost over 2 billion USD! After walking around this huge complex I understand why it was so expensive. There is another Atlantis in Dubai and a new one is build in south of China on the holiday island called Hainan (went there 2007). To get into the resort you had to pay 70 USD to just walk around and use the beach, super expensive if you imagine that you are in Bahamas.

Atlantis resort hotel, a night here, cheapest 300 USD / day for a room
Giant turtles

 Stingray pool

 Hotel pool
 Yum yum lobsters, saw a lot of these while diving in Thailand earlier this year
 Huge sharks

 Sharks, fish, stingrays in the same lagoon, you can see it all below and above water!
 tunnels all below this lagoon
 Aquariums with loads of details

 Aqua-man's hideout :) 
 Murray Eels

 Paradise Lagoon
 Paradise, just pure paradise!

 Local beer had quite a funny name, phrasing

 Mom and Dad, I think I sent a postcard with this bridge last week
 Warning, sharks!

 Sun sets on Bahamas but it's still 25 degrees 

 Majestic entrance 
 Atlantis + New Territories 
 Massive 10 meter + gates
 Nice yachts
 And what more suitable this day than a stingray folded on our bed!

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