Friday, December 27

Cruise to Bahams with Enchantment of the Sea

Another new thing to experience, taking a cruise to the Caribbean's on a cruise ship! The size of this ship is something completely different from the ships sailing between Helsinki & Stockholm, about 50% bigger. BUT the Enchantment of the Sea is build in Helsinki port back in 1995 - 1997. The ship has some swimming pools, jacuzzis on the roof, casino, almost 24h buffet with almost anything you can imagine, arcade, rock climbing wall, indoor pools, gym, bars, club, live bands, shows etc etc. We stayed on the ship for 4 days. After eating from a buffet 4 days I really don't wanna see this much food for a long time again! Probably gained around 5 kg on this trip but we had a really great time :) The staff were all really nice and everything was very smooth on the cruise, can warmly recommend to take a ride on this massive ship if you are visiting USA east coast. 

Just arrived in Nassau port

 Main lobby on 5th floor
 Top deck 9th floor, sun was shining every day

 First buffet, every time after eating here I felt sooooo full. It's great that the ship has a gym to work out at least. 
 Salad to start with, pretending to be healthy 

 Safety drill before leaving the shore, sneakily took a picture although they said don't
 Our cabin area on 2nd floor
 Top deck
 Pools and Jacuzzis
Rock climbing on 10th deck
 So long land

 trampoline jumping

 Yum yum yum
 Casino on 5th deck
Magic show 

Musical show
 The desserts were too good to not be eaten, chocolate soufflĂ© with expresso added to it
 The janitor always folded our towels differently each day, also had stingray, a heart, crab
Getting closer to the Bahamian Islands! 

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