Wednesday, April 5

Phuket Paradise

That time of the year when we have our annual gatherings. The BioGaia family has grown so much in Asia since I've started exactly 3 years ago! This was one perfect workshop, sunshine and blue skies almost all the time :) 

Waking up with this view is almost as good as home :) Although when I first woke up I didn't know where I was. Happens sometimes when you are on frequent travels. 
 Hotel made some efforts on making up the room
 Own private pool with this sunset. Can do!
 Dinner with sunset
 And what would a sunset dinner be without torches
 But we also worked worked worked
 Beach dinner was fantastic too
I was worried when I booked all of this...What if it rains? Nope, no rain. Amazing dinner!  
 Time to learn how to make Thai food. On the list: Pad Thai, Tom Yam Kung & Bananas in coconut milk
 Cooking stations ready
 In Swedish we say "The more chefs the worse the soup" but I can't say it applied for us here today :) 

 Booked a small boat for us to check out the sunset
 From Beijing to Shanghai to Sri Lanka to Phuket
 Wolf of Wallstreet, release the hog animals of war Lana
One amazing sunset! 
 A night out at Bangla
 Above the streets for a beer
 What's a trip to Phuket without Thai boxing?
 Ready for some KO's !
 This was one intensive fight! Sweden vs. Thailand lost
 Took a tour to Phuket Old Town by scooter the last day. It's like a copy of Singapore

 I've seen the same paining before somewhere! Maybe Singapore? Anyone?

Goodbye Westin, your staff did so well in organising everything! If you ever look for a hotel a bit outside the main Phuket party scene then book here! 

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