Tuesday, April 18

Tillsammans Stockholm

The aftermath at Åhlens was something much more than I could have imagined! Sooo much people out to pay their respects to Stockholm police and to the people who lost their lives during the attack. Never seen the area this packed, or with as much flowers. Unity, TILLSAMMANS! 

Half of the city out today

 Thanking the police with a few flowers 
 "Thinking of you from Iran" the little girls sign says 
 More flower covered police cars 
 Horse police was out too 
 Sergels Torg, a silent minute was held here 

 Good evening Stockholm. Got upgraded to a room with balcony, amazing view 

 Night pics of the same area, lot of candles! Almost as if visiting the cemetery during Xmas. 
 Go Sweden 

 Prayers for the ones who were lost 

 Tillsammans = Together 

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