Thursday, April 6

Singapore = Laksa

A brief stop in Singapore just to get some laksa! And sort some other things out too...Can never get enough of this place! Best things? Always warm, amazing food from all of Asia and so clean you could eat from the ground.

Thank you Kwan & Lee for taking me out to this place, fantastic view and nice local brew too
Smoke & Mirrors

Place is gorgeous by night too 
Best Laksa I've so far had is in Sheraton Towers...I haven't done a very extensive search for the holy grail of laksa yet so if anyone has suggestions they are more than welcome! 
 Night run around Orchard. Feel the heat 32! 
 Looks like a cozy Mexican place
 Ever seen a reception like this? 
 Or a bar like this...
Movie scenes collected...And not the usual scenes 
 Time for closing? Late, very late 
or not
Singapore Eye, remember when we took this Stefan? 
New office will have a killer view 
 I love the diversity in the country. Races of all kind and religions together. Without problems! Why can't we all get along like in Singapore? 
Front of buildings always beautiful
But when you go into the back alley...
 When it rains, it pours. The saying could not be more accurate here. Sky just opens. I did what I haven't done for a long time. Go buy a kopi and sit and stare at the rain. Lot of memories came back to me, it's 4 years since I've lived here already. Time flies...
 Kopi, it's better iced but I dunno why I forgot to ask 
Had a hard time choosing my program at the airports massage chair 
 Bye bye Singapore. Back in a few months again! 

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