Sunday, April 16

Terror in Stockholm

I came back to Tokyo in the evening and wasn't home before 10 pm. My next flight was in the morning 8 am via Nagoya to Helsinki to Stockholm. It was a looooong day but nice to come back to the north.

Arrived in Stockholm quite late on Thursday and crashed in bed. Jet-lagged as I was I woke up at 4:30, wasn't able to sleep so around 5 am I decided to take a long walk around Gamla Stan and the city. Had a gorgeous 2 hour morning walk and went for breakfast. It was a day like any other...

5 am, everything still pretty dark. Graveyard shift
Still very dark outside, and cold 
Gamla Stan's narrow alleys are one of my favourite parts of this city 
Stora torget 
Hail to the king 
Gorgeous sunrise by Gröna Lund 
Mirror image 
In the morning Sergels Torn was looking like any morning 
 Really a perfect morning! 

Everything changed on Friday afternoon. Someone at the office said there has happened something at Åhlens. We turned on the TV and radio. I couldn't almost believe what I heard. Someone had rammed a truck into Åhlens shopping center and killed 4 people while doing so. It's just 1 km from our office!! How can this happen in Sweden??

Very quickly it was all over the news and radios. Stockholm lockdown had started....All public transportations were off. No busses or subways. I had a flight at 20:30 and there were no taxis. I WALKED the whole way from Stockholm city center out to Bromma airport. It's about 8 kilometers and took 1,5 hours. But I wasn't the only one walking, half of Stockholm was out walking! At Alberg I saw a man with crutches hailing for a ride. Thought to myself that poor man, he will have some real trouble getting home. But to my surprises the second car that passed him stopped and picked him up. It was a very touchy scene of how people come together and help each other. Really wanted to go and tell the man in that white Mercedes amazing job!! You are a great person! The unity was very strong in the city. Terror will never prevail here.

We were MAAAANY people walking and traffic wasn't moving much
 Finally arrive after 1,5 hours of walk 
 Helsinki here I come for the weekend 

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